Assignment Agreement

By confirming any assignments and subsequent receipt of an invoice, clients both agree with and accept the following terms and conditions:


1.1 “Products” shall mean those Client products, services or business listed in Schedule 1.

1.2 “Territory” shall mean those areas listed in Schedule 2.

1.3 “Trademark” shall mean those trademarks and other intellectual property listed in Schedule 3.

1.4 “Fees” shall mean all charges made by the Company for services rendered to the Client, including charges made by third parties contracted by the Company to undertake tasks necessary to the performance of this Agreement.


The Client appoints the Company on a non-exclusive basis to market the Client’s Products in the Territory.


Agreements shall remain in force for an initial period of one (1) month from the date of engagement by the parties and thereafter unless or until terminated by either party giving the other not less than three (3) months prior notice in writing, such notice to expire at the end of said period of the Agreement or any time thereafter.


4.1 The Client hereby grants the Company the right to market and promote the Client’s Products in the Territory in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. This includes use of the Client’s brand, logo, and work produced by the Company for the Client.

4.2 The Company will carry out the following as part of the Agreement:

4.2.1 assess the Client’s position and the Client’s Products within the marketplace in the Territory.

4.2.2 assess the Client’s existing marketing and PR strategy.

4.2.3 detailed research, in line with initial proposal given to the Client prior to commencement. Approved proposal subsequently carried out and the resulting data analysed by the Company.

4.2.4 evaluation of existing Client marketing materials and media channels, including all advertisements, brochures, brand guidelines, point of sale promotion, press releases, special or promotional offers and website(s).

4.2.5 formulation and development of new integrated marketing and PR campaign for Client.

4.2.6 presentation of proposed marketing and PR campaign to Client for approval, to include (if required) marketing materials, strategy, timescales and full costs.

4.2.7 execution of new marketing and PR plan once approved by Client.

4.2.8 subsequent report back to Client on execution of marketing plan and campaign outcomes, including return on investment and increased awareness and sales of Client’s Products in the Territory.


5.1 Upon engagement, the Client will pay to the Company the agreed sum, shown on either the invoice or statement, no later than fourteen (14) days after its submission.

5.2 Thereafter the Company shall submit to the Client regular invoices on a monthly basis. Such invoices shall be payable by the Client within fourteen (14)days.

5.3 The Company reserves the right to charge statutory interest on all overdue payments at 5% plus the Bank of England base rate (currently 0.5%).

5.4 The Client shall also pay the Company all reasonable expenses incurred by the Company in obtaining payment from the Client where any payment due to the Company is overdue. Such costs to include (but not be limited to) legal fees, court fees and enforcement fees.


This Agreement shall be construed in accordance with the Laws of England and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.


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